Zendesk Becomes First Customer Experience Platform to Join Unity Verified Solutions Partner Program

Partnership enables integrated customer support within today’s most popular games

SAN FRANCISCO – DECEMBER 15, 2020 – Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN) is building on its customer experience (CX) leadership by becoming a Unity (NYSE: U) Verified Solutions Partner. Being a Verified Solutions Partner (VSP) means Zendesk has been verified by Unity to ensure its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Unity editor, providing a seamless experience for Unity developers.

This partnership enables players to get immediate help without having to leave the game or interrupt their experience. The partnership with Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content, will provide integrated customer support functionality that can be set up in minutes, directly within some of today’s most popular games, such as Angry Birds 2 and Pokemon Go.

Zendesk joins Unity’s Verified Solutions Partner program as the first native customer support SDK that has been verified to ensure compatibility and stability with the Unity platform.

This year, we’ve seen a significant spike in both new gamers and the amount of time people spent gaming. It is important that we provide our developers, from indie creators to automotive manufacturers to retail brands, the ability to build great experiences at scale in this highly competitive environment. Our partnership with Zendesk makes embedding customer support incredibly seamless across our platform,” said Stephen Rowell, Vice President, Global Strategic Business Development at Unity.

According to Zendesk’s Benchmark data, gaming companies have seen an all-time high in ticket volume during 2020 and experienced a 90% increase in knowledge base views. With these numbers expected to continue throughout 2021, it becomes imperative for gaming companies to put solutions in place to provide the best customer experiences.

“Zendesk and Unity share the vision that customer service solutions should enhance the mobile gaming experience, not disrupt it,” said Shawna Wolverton, EVP of Product, Zendesk. “Gamers no longer have the time or patience to switch in and out of their game to get help. Developers have to eliminate interruptions by meeting players where they are – in the game – and solve their problems seamlessly, without having to leave the app and lose valuable game time.”

Integrating Zendesk’s customer experience (CX) solutions with Unity’s platform means:

  • Developers stay focused on game creation: In the first 9 months of 2020, Unity saw an average of more than 5 billion downloads per month of applications built with Unity. Now, Unity developers can add Zendesk to mobile games in minutes with minimal coding. They can also personalize the design to match the game, ensuring a consistent brand experience for users.
  • Companies can provide seamless support: Players will be able to easily access help centers for instant answers, and, when more support is required, agents can
    efficiently answer questions within Zendesk. There are also customization options, such as user branded interfaces and tailored support fields unique to the game.
  • Players spend more time gaming and remain engaged: Gamers can now easily message a customer
    support agent, get answers quickly, and have conversations within the app without having to leave the game.

Hundreds of companies are already benefiting from using the Zendesk SDK for Unity to streamline the customer service process and provide a great support experience. The simple process ensures developers of all abilities can install seamless customer support with minimal coding required.

“Zendesk provides a seamless transition between the game and support, whether customers are leveraging help center content to get answers on their own or contacting support agents. The one-on-one conversation makes the experience much more user friendly and personal, plus it is easier for our agents to follow the communication history of our players,” said Alper Kılıç, Game Development Manager, Gamegos. “Zendesk becoming a Unity Verified Solutions Partner makes integrating Zendesk simple and reliable for our developers.”

“With Zendesk’s new support SDK, we finally have a Unity-native in-game support product as a seamless part of our wider customer care offering,” said Ric Thorneycroft, Player Support Director, Rovio. “It’s great to have a plug and play solution that is easy for developers to use, which in time will also give us the ability to create the kinds of personalised support flows that we want for our players.”

The Zendesk SDK for Unity is generally available today on the Unity Asset Store.

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SOURCE: Zendesk