First BorgWarner Fast Charging Stations Installed in Italy

  • Offers high-speed charging, ease of use and longevity
  • Two charging points in one fast charging station optimizes space and installation costs
  • Robust solution allows for easy maintenance and reliable operation

AUG 03, 2022 – The first units of BorgWarner’s new fast-charging station, Iperion-120, have been installed by the Italian service provider Route220 and are ready to support drivers of electric vehicles on their journeys in Italy. The direct current (DC) device offers benefits for users and operators alike through its fast-charging options, easy to use operations, compatibility, versatility and longevity.

“We are very pleased to see our fast-charging solution in operation,” said Davide Girelli, Vice President and General Manager, BorgWarner Morse Systems. “As a supplier for the automotive industry, we are not only delivering innovative technology for electric drivetrains, but also supporting the industry in enhancing the whole infrastructure for electric mobility, which includes charging. The DC fast-charger, Iperion-120, is equipped for various applications to meet the different demands of charging station operators, transport companies, service stations and other utilities.”

With the possibility of fully charging one car very quickly at 120 kW or charging two vehicles simultaneously at a maximum power of 60 kW each, the Iperion-120 offers superior efficiency. Featuring an output voltage up to 900 volts, the solution is prepared for 800 volt BEVs and also for the power requirements of future generation batteries. Other benefits include a customizable and highly intuitive user interface, easy access, extra user safety as well as smart load management to optimize the charge when a second vehicle is also in need.

Operators can rely on the solution being compatible with standard European charging protocols as well as different connection standards for all types of vehicles and plug configurations. Most importantly, the Iperion-120 boasts an above average lifetime of more than 10 years and can be deployed in diverse surroundings, even under harsh conditions including temperatures between -30° C and 50° C and up to 4,000 meters altitude. In addition to the efficiency, flexibility and easy maintenance, this charger contributes to significantly lower costs of ownership for the operators.

SOURCE: BorgWarner