BorgWarner Selected to Deliver Battery System for Electric Commercial Vehicle

  • Solution among highest energy density battery systems available on market
  • Electric vehicle range increased significantly compared to prior development
  • Total cost of ownership minimized for an electrified commercial vehicle (eCV)

AUG 03, 2022 – BorgWarner’s AKASOL ultra-high energy battery system has been selected by a European manufacturer to power its first range of heavy-duty electric trucks. Series production of the 4×2 rigid axle, 18-ton truck and 6×2 rigid, 26-ton truck is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

“We’ve previously worked with this manufacturer on high-voltage prototype vehicles using an earlier version of our battery system and are proud to continue our partnership together,” said Henk Vanthournout, Vice President BorgWarner Global Battery and Charging Systems. “For this exciting new project, the customer benefits from the latest generation of our ultra-high energy battery system, which provides a 50% increase in energy density over its predecessor. This upgrade increases vehicle range significantly, making it the ideal solution for long-distance electrified commercial transportation.”

Developed for energy-intensive electric drivetrain applications operating at up to 747 volts, each 9 AKM battery pack stores 98 kWh of energy and comes ready to install with all connectors. Three packs will be used to supply 294 kWh to power the 4×2 truck and four packs to provide 392 kWh to the 6×2 truck. The battery is compact and lightweight to maximize vehicle payload and has an estimated life expectancy of up to 4,000 cycles to keep the total cost of electrified commercial vehicle (eCV) ownership as low as possible. Additionally, liquid cooling and multi-level protection systems ensure safe operation.

BorgWarner’s Multi String Manager (MSM+) is supplied with the ultra-high energy battery packs, serving as a single communication interface to the vehicle control unit and reducing the need for software development by the customer.

BorgWarner’s solution for long distance transport is mechanically robust, intrinsically safe, easily scalable and offers relatively low acquisition costs per kWh, setting new energy density standards for bus and truck applications and firmly positioning BorgWarner as an innovation driver in the field of high-energy batteries.

SOURCE: BorgWarner